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Virtually from Nairobi, Kenya
Nov. 30 - Dec. 3  |  2021
avatar for Kukik Baker

Kukik Baker

Aqqiumavvik Society
Executive Director
avatar for Brianna Bambic

Brianna Bambic

Allen Coral Atlas
Coral Reef Biologist to Program Manager
avatar for Robin Beaman

Robin Beaman

James Cook University
Research Fellow
avatar for Diego Billings

Diego Billings

avatar for Aileen Bohan

Aileen Bohan

INFOMAR, Geological Survey Ireland
avatar for Linden Brinks

Linden Brinks

Great Lakes Observing System
Geospatial Analyst
avatar for Stuart Caie

Stuart Caie

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)
Manager Hydrographic Survey
avatar for Brian Calder

Brian Calder

Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping - UNH
Associate Director
avatar for Eunmi Chang

Eunmi Chang

avatar for Jennifer Cheveaux

Jennifer Cheveaux

The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project
Project Administrator
avatar for Toshihiko Chiba

Toshihiko Chiba

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
Program Specialist
avatar for Ken Childress

Ken Childress

Chief Revenue Officer
avatar for Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau

PROTEUS Ocean Group
avatar for Karen Cove

Karen Cove

Teledyne CARIS
Senior Manager of Products
avatar for Julien Desrochers

Julien Desrochers

M2Ocean Solutions Inc.
Chief Operating Officer
avatar for Hayley Drennon

Hayley Drennon

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
avatar for Vicki Ferrini

Vicki Ferrini

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observation, Columbia University
avatar for Evert Flier

Evert Flier

Chair, Guiding Committee
avatar for Thomas Furey

Thomas Furey

Marine Institute
Section Manager
avatar for Kyle Goodrich

Kyle Goodrich

avatar for Knut Hartmann

Knut Hartmann

avatar for Susan Haynes

Susan Haynes

NOAA Ocean Exploration / Collabralink Technologies, Inc.
Education Program Manager
avatar for Laura Hehemann

Laura Hehemann

Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Data Manager
avatar for Lachlan Hurst

Lachlan Hurst

Technical Delivery Manager
avatar for Jennifer Jencks

Jennifer Jencks

Bathymetry Data Manager
avatar for Charles de Jongh

Charles de Jongh

Bathymetric projects manager
avatar for Tim Kearns

Tim Kearns

Map the Gaps
avatar for Tomer Ketter

Tomer Ketter

Map the Gaps
Cofounder & Director
avatar for Tinah Martin

Tinah Martin

Lamont - Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Data Manager
avatar for David Millar

David Millar

Government Accounts Director, Americas
avatar for Danny Neville

Danny Neville

Spatialnetics Solutions
Managing Director
avatar for Derek Niles

Derek Niles

Orange Force Marine
avatar for Mika Odido

Mika Odido

IOC - Africa
Technical Secretary for the IOC's Sub Commission for Africa and the...
avatar for Diana Payne

Diana Payne

Connecticut Sea Grant, University of Connecticut at Avery Point
Education Coordinator
avatar for Colleen Peters

Colleen Peters

Bathymetry Data Manager
avatar for Kim Picard

Kim Picard

Geoscience Australia
Marine Geoscientist
avatar for Caitlyn Raines

Caitlyn Raines

Project Manager - Maritime
avatar for Satish Ramachandran

Satish Ramachandran

Chief Technology Officer
avatar for Jaya Roperez

Jaya Roperez

Map the Gaps
Co-convener of the MtG Symposium
avatar for Marzia Rovere

Marzia Rovere

Guiding Committee Vice-Chair
avatar for Nilton Sanchez

Nilton Sanchez

Oceanographic Institute, Navy of Ecuador
Head, Continental Shelf and Seafloor Department
avatar for David Sandwell

David Sandwell

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - University of California San Diego
avatar for Thierry Schmitt

Thierry Schmitt

avatar for Shereen Sharma

Shereen Sharma

Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed2030
Head of Engagement and Development
avatar for Oliver Steeds

Oliver Steeds

Chief Executive
avatar for Hans Van Sumeren

Hans Van Sumeren

Northwestern Michigan College
Great Lakes Water Studies Institute
avatar for Shirley Tagalik

Shirley Tagalik

Aqqiumavvik Society
avatar for Andrew Talbot

Andrew Talbot

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Bathymetry Advisor
avatar for Commander Christoff Theunissen

Commander Christoff Theunissen

South Africa National Hydrographic Office
Assistant South African National Hydrographer
avatar for Neil Tinmouth

Neil Tinmouth

ACUA Ocean
avatar for Victor Vescovo

Victor Vescovo

Caladan Oceanic LLC
Founder, Chief Executive, and Chief Submersible Pilot
avatar for Luisana Osorio Vilma

Luisana Osorio Vilma

Hydrografic Surveyor
avatar for Carlie Wiener

Carlie Wiener

Schmidt Ocean Institute
Director of Communications and Engagement Strategy
avatar for Rochelle Wigley

Rochelle Wigley

UNH : Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Program
Project Director
avatar for Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

500 Women Scientists
Director of Outreach

Gisèle Flodore Ghepdeu Youbouni

Specialized Research Station on Marine Ecosystems
avatar for Mark Zimmermann

Mark Zimmermann

Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Research Fishery Biologist